About Us


Our group comprises sport professionals from various fields united by a single, common goal; maximising the physical and mental development of the individual.

We have designed a personal development sports-centre that offers a wide range of services for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

Following an evaluation of the physical and mental performance and balance of an individual at our pioneering sports-centre, we develop modern training models that take account of all aspects that come into play, whether you aim to improve performance in a specific sport or aspire to improve your health and general quality of life.

Our vision: to create a genuine community of collaborative individuals to assess the potential of combining complementary techniques to achieve excellence in both physical and mental sporting performance and injury rehabilitation.

The mission of Endorfina
is to revolutionise the instructional paradigms

within sport, creating an open community where sports and health professionals can meet and share cutting–edge insights, concepts and data. Our aspiration is to democratise the knowledge, methods and resources currently only available to elite athletes, empowering and enabling anyone to reach their full sporting and well-being potential.

We believe in new approaches to virtual and digital collaboration

that better promote knowledge and understanding. We are not scientists, and don’t want to pretend that we are, but we understand that information on health and fitness can often be confusing, contradictory or even unintelligible to the layperson. We feel that the time has come for us all to take responsibility for the development of an alternative and holistic health model, based on real-world, community generated data that will facilitate open, evidence driven discussion and return decision-making freedom and power to the individual.

Our objective is to encourage improved self-esteem as a way of achieving collective and personal growth and transformation by fine-tuning our habits, behaviours and ultimately our lifestyles.


As the Spanish say “mi casa es su casa” … our home is your home too. We will do everything possible to provide you with the perfect tools that enable you to build a new and slightly improved version of yourself today, tomorrow, and every day after.