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The Move Better course is the foundation of our method and ethos.

Initially we’ll make several well-being assessments to identify and locate the imbalances or limitations of movement that most people develop because of psychological pressures or stress, imperfect nutritional habits, from incorrect posture or repeated actions at work, at play or in the home.  These issues can accumulate and become more harmful over time, in some cases ultimately even altering a person’s normal actions, lifestyle and character.

Let us help you to modify, re-program and improve your lifestyle, diet and movements to combat and counteract the imbalances or limitations identified in our initial asessments.

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Our elite Performance Session is the perfect program for the serious and performance driven athlete, where results optimisation is the goal.

This program is customised to perfectly match the athlete, utilising movements specifically suited to help develop sporting abilities and skills, and re-programming any movements or behaviours that might hinder athletic performance.

“Sports performance starts from the fundamentals of movement, movement skills and abilities” (Sports Performance Pyramid, Gray Cook)

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Our Functional Training program focusses on strength, power and on coaching participants to use only safe and efficient movements and techniques whilst exercising.


Based on an initial assessment, we will detect sub-optimal movements and load-bearing areas where pressure might affect daily life.

“Once we detect the weakest links, we focus on improving health for physical performance” (Fundamentals of optimal training)

All our systems are based on the principles of biomechanical functional training, which employs an understanding of physics with force vectors (FVT) to improve movements and techniques.