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Can you imagine? The light of the full moon illuminates the incredible sand dunes and ravines of Fuerteventura, creating extraordinary visual effects. We ride the trails by the natural light and only turn on led lights for the more technical stretches and for added confidence when tacking the sensational descents.

Riding by night opens up a whole new view of our amazing island … one rarely seen by tourists or locals, and a wonderful experience we’re sure you’ll never forget.

As this tour is built around full-moon conditions, regretfully we’re only able to offer one Full moon Night Ride per month. The route we’ll take is a secret and is designed to show you the very best of the local landscape by night … you really have to experience for yourself to believe it!


Digital photography included.
Guided Route. All equipment provided. D
Scenic rating Level (1-10): 10 – Experience the very best of natural Fuerteventura
Distance 42.3 km, duration: 3h 30m, 393m ascent
 Skill level: Intermediate [ ]