420 €



Life is all about progression and finding new challenges so this course will help you discover and master the next steps* after getting up and staying up on a kite-board. We’ll focus on the skills required to travel up-wind, make effortless transitions (turns), ride toe-side and perform jumps with confidence and security.

If you have a certain objective in mind, your goals are our goals so we’ll help you to evolve your riding however you wish. If you would like to progress or learn new things, we can focus on new ideas and methods to help you gain new abilities, or if you’re looking to lock-down and cement core skills, we can work on perfecting your chosen techniques.

*If you have not completed our beginner course, we may need to evaluate your skills and safety  knowledge in order for you to take the intermediate course.


Program length: 3 days.

All relevant Insurance and boat support included.