1. There is no single, correct formula for achieving perfect health, happiness or well-being. Each individual has their own interests, requirements and limitations and must therefore take responsibility for acquiring relevant knowledge, interpreting the facts, and integrating that understanding into a series of personally tailored, beneficial habits and behaviours. You have the power to become your own teacher, trainer and coach!


2. Our human experience is governed by the interdependent mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of our being. We respect all beliefs and religions but we are not conneted with any of them.


3. Generosity is the fundamental pillar of a healthy relationship with ourselves, those around us, and with all the other beings on this planet.


4. Equality between members is essential for the smooth running and management of our community. We do not believe in hierarchical systems or overly organized structures, and as a result all decisions made, and actions taken by our group, will be decided by consensus and a democratic process.


5. Only truly honest and open communication with ourselves and with others can provide the necessary opportunity to discuss issues frankly and thoroughly, and to then reach agreement through positive and constructive conversation.


6. We believe that there is no single truth when we seek physical or mental development, but that there are as many truths as individuals. One person’s perfect method may be totally unsuited to another … so dogma and indoctrination are not welcome or accepted by our collective as we feel that each individual must find their own truth.


7. Happiness and health are fundamental rights, and as a species, it is our responsibility to collaborate in the development and realization of this most crucial objective.


8. Humans possess an innate, altruistic desire to connect with and assist those around us in need. We must challenge the opposite view-point through our thoughts and actions, and by assisting growth in others wherever possible.


9. All life forms are the manifestation of the same consciousness. Everything we give or do, both to ourselves and to others, we are giving / doing it to ourselfs.