Skill levels E-MTB Tours



Tours: E-MTB Test ride.
Max distance: 25 km  (Sunday and Wednesday 12:30h).

Try the revolutionary world of E-MTB. Guided tours for all ages and physical conditions.

Beginner +

Tours:  E-MTB Test Ride +
Max distance: 25  km.

You have some experience (at least one year) of riding a bike off-road, You own a mountain bike and use it, ride on forest roads, double track and occasional singletrack. You can ride a mountain bike at a relaxed pace for up to three hours a day, You can tackle one or two mountain bike climbs of up to 200m each per day with little or no walking. Your target is to enjoy your holidays on the e-MTB, discover the island and aspire to ride sections of singletrack during your adventure with us.


Tours: Scenic ride #1Night ridingFull Moon ride.
Max distance: 50  km.

This is where the adventure steps up a gear.  You are generally comfortable riding most types of terrain in different conditions: singletrack, double track, muddy, dry, loose, bedrock…You’ll have a go on moderate technical features, such as small rock gardens, small drops and steeper sections, but may get off and walk certain technical features, You are comfortable mountain biking up to five/six hours a day at a moderate pace. You want to enjoy the island, aiming to ride more of those moderate technical features.

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