120 €



During our beginners surf course you will learn the basics of surfing in a fun and effective way: taking foam waves without help, getting up on your feet and surfing the wave until the beach! Once you master the basics we will continue with learning how to take green waves, paddle correctly, get up to your feet before the wave breaks and go sideways in both directions. We daily choose the beach with the nicest waves for your level, always with a sandy bottom to make sure you learn in a safe environment.

The goal of the beginners surf course, and skills needed to advance to the next level, is to be able to:

• Master the basic skills and understand the theory of surfing.
• Take off on green waves (before the wave breaks).
• Control the weight shifting of the body on the board.
• Surf the wave sideways in both directions.
• Have the correct body posture while surfing backside as well as frontside.
• Surf the wave until the end 8 times out of 10.

— Course length: 3 days intensive course
— 4 hours surf lesson per day, starting at our Protest Surfcenter. 15 minutes before the course we pick up our students at their accommodation.
— Transfer from and to the beach.
— Max 8 students per instructor.
— All necessary surf gear (surfboard, wetsuit, lycra and leash).
— Insurance for accidents.